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Seminar on the
History & Heritage of Glass
part of the Annual Conference of the
Society of Glass Technology
5th - 8th September 2011
at the University of Oxford

There has been a History & Heritage seminar at the Annual Conferences of the Society of Glass Technology for a number of years now.   Our objective in organising this has been to bring together people of very diverse callings and specialisms, the common denominator being a fascination with glass in some aspect or another.

The programme for these sessions reflects this ambition.   On each of the two main days (7th & 8th September) we hope to have nine presentations (each 30 minutes or so followed by questions and discussions) from a wide range of authors, all charged with the responsibility of sharing their enthusiasms unconstrained by the “in-group” jargon with which they are familiar.   We want to promote exchange of ideas between very different groups of people. 

In past years, this has worked very well.  We have seen glass conservators in animated discussion with glass scientists, historians sharing insights with technologists, archaeologists engaging with engineers and today’s glassmakers in the interpretation of their sites, and so on.   By sharing our diverse insights we can create new thinking, new visions of what might be possible, new appreciation of what our forebears created and achieved.

On the afternoon of Tuesday 6th September we plan a walking tour of the significant stained glass in the Oxford Colleges, conducted by the acknowledged expert in the field Mr Paul Sancasciani - an opportunity not to be missed!     There will be something for everyone in that celebration of a magnificent if fragile heritage

We invite you to join us for those days in September, at Lady Margaret Hall in the University of Oxford.   There we shall celebrate the life and achievements of Mikhail Lomonosov, Father of Glass Chemistry in Russia, we shall share our vitreous enthusiasms and we shall prove beyond all doubt that the History & Heritage of Glass is not merely a thing of the past!

The Registration Fee for attending the History & Heritage Seminar is £65 per day, inclusive of luncheon and also of light refreshments during the mornings and afternoons.  There will be a modest charge for the walking tour which will be announced nearer the time.

Among our expert speakers and authors contributing to the seminar we are glad to welcome:

  • Isabelle Pallot-Frossard (Laboratoire de Recherche des Monuments Historiques, Paris)
  • David Dungworth (English Heritage)
  • Richard Jaques (English Heritage)
  • Tobit Curteis (TC Associates)
  • Jonathan & Ruth Cooke (Stained Glass Conservators)
  • Alun Adams (Swansea Metropolitan University)
  • Anna Marie Roos (Oxford University)
  • Ralitsa Georgieva (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
  • John Parker (University of Sheffield)
  • Michael Cable (University of Sheffield)
  • Antonio Pires de Matos  (University of Lisbon)
  • Dedo von Kerssenbrock-Krosigk (Glasmuseum Hentrich, Dusseldorf)
  • Marco Beretta (University of Bologna)
  • Martina Bertini (Aberdeen University)
  • Sarah Paynter (English Heritage)
  • Andrew Smith (Avon Archaeological Unit)
  • Sally Haden (Private Researcher)

Our intention is that the subject matter will encompass a timeline from early mediaeval to the mid twentieth century, and in respect of themes will focus upon architectural stained glass, glassmaking practices and equipment, glass compositions and chemistry, deterioration of and conservation of glass both in architectural contexts and in museum collections.

And along the way we will not neglect the beauty of glass, the astonishing achievements of those who made glass, and the sheer enjoyment of chatting about glass!


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